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by Aidan Booth October 12, 2018 5 min read


Airing between 1989 and 1998, Seinfeld remains one of the all-time greatest TV sitcoms. Although this celebrated show "about nothing" is indelibly linked with Manhattan, most of the filming actually took place in LA. That doesn't mean, however, that you can't add a few Seinfeld-related destinations to your tour of the Big Apple. 

If you're still watching Seinfeld re-runs, then this is the New York tour guide for you! Below, we'll go through all of the best destinations to get your Seinfeld selfies in NYC. 

Top Seinfeld Sites In The City

Tom's Restaurant (aka Monk's Café)

Let's start with the most obvious Seinfeld attraction: Tom's Restaurant. If you're scratching your head wondering what episode Tom's appeared in, then you're probably more familiar with this restaurant's fictional name: Monk's Café. 

That's right, the spot where Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer spent most of their time talking about yada, yada, yada, is called Tom's Restaurant in real life. In recent interview, Jerry Seinfeld said before Seinfeld aired he decided to call the restaurant Monk's only because there was a poster of musician Thelonious Monk in his writer's studio. 

While the exterior of this restaurant was shown prominently on TV, the interior scenes were shot in LA. However, once you go inside Tom's, you'll find plenty of Seinfeld memorabilia and even a few menu items inspired by the show, like Elaine's "Big Salad." 

You'll find Tom's Restaurant at 2880 Broadway near Columbia University's campus. 

Some Soup For You: The Original Soupman

Little did Persian chef Ali Yeganeh know that soon after opening his Soup Kitchen International on 55th Street he would become immortalized as the "Soup Nazi."While the show worked wonders for publicizing Yeganeh's homemade soups, he apparently detested the episode and banned Jerry Seinfeld from eating at his soup kitchen! 

In the years following the "Soup Nazi" episode, Yeganeh changed his company's name to The Original Soup Man and opened a few more stores throughout the Northeast. You could also buy The Original Soupman's most famous products online. 

Just follow the rules at this legendary establishment and you shouldn't hear those dreaded words: "No soup for you!" Remember how focused George had to be when he got his soup. George famously told Elaine, "Shhh. I gotta focus. I am shifting into soup mode." Whatever "soup mode" means to you, you'd better get into it before ordering your lobster bisque! 

Tourists who want to see the first Soup Kitchen International must travel to the corner of West 55th Street and 8th Avenue, which is a five-minute walk from Carnegie Hall. 

Where It All Began: NBC Studios


Not only is NBC Studios one of NYC's top tourist draws, it also has special significance for Seinfeld fans. Of course, Seinfeld aired on NBC and it's also here where Jerry and George pitched their idea for a "show about nothing" to NBC's staff. 

While you're at NBC Studios, be sure to book a ticket for the "Top of the Rock" observation deck, which offers guests one of the best panoramic views of Manhattan. 

You can find the NBC Studios at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. 

Gray's Papaya

It's true that Kramer told Elaine he was going to get a hot dog at Papaya King, but since he and Elaine are located at the Upper West Side's Paragon, Seinfeld fans believe he must've meant a different hot dog vendor. You see, there's no Papaya King in that area of NYC. There is, however, a Gray's Papaya. 

Gray's Papaya isn't only significant in Seinfeld lore, it's also is a great place to get a quick, cheap meal on your tour of the city. See for yourself if these dogs really are "tastier than filet mignon." 

You'll find Gray's Papaya at 2090 Broadway at 72nd Street. For those who want to test the food at Papaya King, visit 179 East 86th Street instead. 

For A Meal…Or Not: Mendy's Delicatessen

Should one soup be considered a meal? That's the question that came to the fore in a Seinfeld episode that featured Mendy's Kosher Deli

Jerry was forced to bring fellow comedian Kenny Banja here for lunch after Banja gave Jerry a nice Armani suit. Although Banja raved about the swordfish, all he ordered was a soup, telling Jerry he'd "save the meal for another time." 

The issue of whether soup constitutes a meal is still a hot-button issue for many Seinfeld fans. If you remember from the show, a key issue was whether or not Banja crumbled crackers into his soup. After Jerry told Elaine that Banja did have a few crackers, Elaine had to admit "Oh, well. Crackers in a bowl. That -- That could be a meal." 

At the end of the day, however, this is an issue everyone has to decide on for him/herself. 

Although the Mendy's Deli in this episode is no longer standing, there are still six Mendy's locations around the city. Interestingly, there's no swordfish on Mendy's menu, but there are plenty of soups to choose from. 

A few Mendy's locations include 61 E 34th Street, in Rockefeller Center, and in Grand Central Terminal. 

“The House Where George Costanza Worked:” Yankee Stadium

One of the great thrills of visiting NYC is taking in a ball game at Yankee Stadium. Of course, this stadium has special significance for Seinfeld fans serving as one of George Costanza’s employers. 

Sadly, the original Yankee Stadium that George worked in was demolished in 2010. Still, it’s an unforgettable experience for any baseball and/or Seinfeld fan to watch a game in the new 2009 Yankee Stadium. 

In addition to taking in a baseball game, Yankee Stadium also offers exceptional tours of its Yankees’ Hall of Fame & museum. Yankee Stadium is in the Bronx at 1 East 161st Street. 

For those who want to stand in the soil of the original Yankee Stadium, the best you could do today is visit Heritage Field. This almost 11-acre field adjacent to the modern stadium is where the original “House That George Steinbrenner Built” once stood. 

Where Is Jerry's Apartment?

When it comes to finding Jerry's apartment in NYC, it gets a little complicated. You see, Jerry mentioned in the show that he lived at 129 West 81st Street. While you could certainly visit this address, it won't look anything like the exterior address shown on the TV show. 

If you want to see the apartment complex used on Seinfeld, then you have to travel to Los Angeles. The building producers used for Seinfeld & Kramer's apartment complex is on 757 S. New Hampshire Avenue. 

Still, it's pretty cool for Seinfeld fans to check out the address Seinfeld gave in the show. When he was living in Manhattan, Seinfeld really lived in an apartment at 129 W. 81st Street. 

Do They Have Risotto?: La Boîte en Bois

Located by Central Park, La Boîte en Bois is indeed a real restaurant in NYC. If the name of this restaurant isn't ringing any bells, perhaps you remember the risotto? Yes, it was here George's one-episode girlfriend Karen had a very satisfying risotto meal for dinner. 

Amazingly, you won't find risotto on this French restaurant's menu! 

Travelers who want to dine at La Boîte en Bois are highly advised to make a reservation online as it tends to get packed here. 

The official address for La Boîte en Bois is 75 W. 68th Street near Lincoln Center. 

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Of course, there are many other locations made famous by, but the above destinations are amongst the most iconic and easy to get to in Manhattan. Any fan of this Emmy-winning sitcom won't be disappointed following this tour guide in New York City. Get ready to snap some incredible Seinfeld selfies! 

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book your flight, and get ready for the ultimate Seinfeld vacation! Before you go, please don't forget to pack all of your travel essentials in one of Vetelli's popular mens toiletry bags!


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