Three Major Reasons For Purchasing A DOPP Bag

For many men, shaving is a relaxing daily ritual. No matter how chaotic life gets, you can always return to your grooming habits to relax, re-charge, and better organize your thoughts.  View full article →

5 Travel Tips For Guys Who Hate Packing

I'll admit it: I have packing issues. Most recently I forgot to pack enough boxers to last me through a trip to Maui. Yeah…pretty embarrassing stuff. Since that trip, however, I've become more disciplined in how I pack and I'm here to share with you some essential tips I've learned. Below are five simple travel hacks that will help even the laziest men pack like pros.  View full article →

A New York City Guide For Seinfeld Buffs

If you're still watching Seinfeld re-runs, then this is the New York tour guide for you! Below, we'll go through all of the best destinations to get your Seinfeld selfies in NYC.  View full article →

7 Great options for your dad this Father’s Day

When dads are good, they are superheroes. There is little doubt about that. 

Think about it; they are there for you when times get hard, know how to give the best advice and are experts in the art of pretending that socks you bought them from your local dollar store was just what they wanted for Father’s Day. 

This year, don't put your ol’ man through that tired facade. Get them something they have always wanted instead. 


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If you are traveling just for a few days and you want to save some time, or if you are worried about the airline losing your luggage, or you just simply want to avoid those checked bag fees then traveling carry-on might be just for you!  

If you want to give it a try, we created an essentials packing list that will help you.

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