A Literary Voyage Through Key West: Following In "Papa's" Footstep

Even if you're not interested in literature, don't write off Key West as a possible 2019 travel destination. There are plenty of other fascinating places to explore like the Key West Lighthouse, Fort Zachary Taylor, and President Truman's Little White House. Besides historic sites, Key West boasts some of the finest seafood in the nation. So, go ahead; voyage to Key West in 2019…and save plenty of room for some mouthwatering key lime pie! View full article →

Explore Havana Like A Hemingway Hero In 2019

Hemingway traveled to many countries throughout his life, but Cuba held a very special place in his heart. 

With the easing of tensions between the Cuban government and the USA, it's never been a better time for American tourists to take a stroll through Hemingway's Havana. Below, we'll share a quick travel guide to help you have a fantastic Hemingway-themed adventure in this idyllic Caribbean travel destination. 

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Business Travel Without The Hassle: Six Essential Hacks

Some people say it's impossible to look sharp while on a business trip. While it's certainly not easy to look and feel your best on these taxing voyages, it's certainly not impossible. There are many tried-and-true methods frequent flyers use to keep their cool on long-haul flights. Read Vetelli business travel tips to help you perform at the top of your game.  View full article →

7 Sensational Tips To Make Flying In Economy A Breeze

Just because you can't afford a first-class ticket doesn't mean you can't enjoy a luxurious flight.
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3 Reasons Dopp Kits Can Improve Men's Lives

For many men, shaving is a relaxing daily ritual. No matter how chaotic life gets, you can always return to your grooming habits to relax, re-charge, and better organize your thoughts.  View full article →

5 Travel Tips For Guys Who Hate Packing

Five simple travel hacks that will help even the laziest men pack like pros.  View full article →

A New York City Guide For Seinfeld Buffs

If you're still watching Seinfeld re-runs, then this is the New York tour guide for you!  View full article →

7 Great options for your dad this Father’s Day

This year, get your dad something he has always wanted. 


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A Man's One Bag Packing List

If you are traveling just for a few days and if you are worried about the airline losing your luggage, or you just simply want to avoid those checked bag fees then traveling carry-on might be just for you! 

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