How To Care For Your Toiletry Bag

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First off we need to tell you about your Warranty if you don't already know what it entails

Vetelli WarrantyAs a Registered VIP Member, you have a Lifetime Warranty on your product.If at any time you need to use the warranty for any reason then you simply need to email us at or use the Contact Form found HERE


Product Care 

All of our products will benefit from a little TLC. It simple and takes hardly any time but doing this will mean that you can expect to get the most from your product.It is a great idea to dust your bag when required with a dry or slightly damp lint-free cloth.

Small spot cleaning can be done with water and a small amount of light detergent.

To best care for your Classic Bag, we recommend the use of Scotchgard brand products to help maintain the longevity and appearance of your bag.

These will defend against water, dirt, grime, oil and more to keep your bag looking good as new. (We recommend applying the product to a small area of the bag to test the effect and color change before you treat the whole bag.).

Please make sure to contact us with any questions or issues we are always here to help

We have a FAQ section and a Return Information Section as well for more information


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Great bag

Laptop bag

This was a gift for my son, and he absolutely loves it.

Excellent product, fast service and delivery

I received this toiletry kit for a present last year and was so impressed with its workmanship and usability that I ordered one for my brother this year. Excellent material and fast delivery.

Hanging Dopp Kit

It is a very nicely constructed bag and looks great. The design however could use some adjustments. When packed (unless you fill it well below capacity) it does not fold well and bulges. The hook is on a short strap that does not allow it to tuck in when folded. A longer strap would eliminate that problem. If the space between the compartments were lengthened then the compartments could fold on top of each other better when full. I use the bag often but just have to put fewer things in it than I wish.

Hi Richard Thank you for taking the time to review and leave us some really good feedback on some improvements you would like to see in the bag, I have already passed these onto our design team so we will see what they come back with. Patrick Vetelli
I Love this Bag!

I searched Amazon for the perfect Laptop Bag that had absolutely everything I needed. Being a female that carries everything with her, this bag definitely appealed to me. I totally fell in love with the look of it. Looked at all of the pics, watched the video and felt it had everything I was looking for. Not to mention it was way better construction hands down than any others I had looked at in my price range. When it arrived I was literally astounded at the value I had received. I've had it only for a few days and I continue to be amazed at its functionality. It is so soft on the inside. I'm able to visit my clients and fit my cell phone and keys into it as well. I no longer have to carry my big purse in with me along with a laptop case. There's space for my file folders, documents, etc. Everything I need to take in for a presentation, meeting, etc. Thank you Vetelli!!