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by Aidan Booth October 02, 2018 4 min read

When dads are good, they are superheroes. There is little doubt about that. 

Think about it; they are there for you when times get hard, know how to give the best advice and are experts in the art of pretending that socks you bought them from your local dollar store was just what they wanted for Father’s Day. 

This year, don't put your ol’ man through that tired facade. Get them something they have always wanted instead.  

“What could that be?” is a question you are probably asking yourself. 

The answer is simple; time with their sons and daughters… and also, cool stuff!  

Here are seven great Father’s Day activities that both of you are certain to enjoy… 

For the outdoor enthusiast 

Traditionally, camping would not be everyone's cup of tea. After all, some people just love comfort.  

However, these days camping is a fairly broad term. If your dad is the outdoorsy type, you can go for the traditional type, but if he prefers comfort, then you can go for the more glamorous alternative; or ‘glamping’ as it is also known. 

Why not get in touch with your inner cave person, by cooking dinner in the open air while there. Besides, an outdoor Dutch Oven is the ideal Father’s Day gift; it will not only cook your grub to perfection, it will also show your pop that these excursions aren’t just a once off kind of thing too. 

You can pick-up a decent one on Amazon for under $100 and they are ideal for cooking by the campfire.  


For the dad that loves style  

There are more than a few super-cool dads out there. You know the ones; the type that look as though they've just dropped out of a James Bond audition. If your pop falls into this category, then why not bring them on a city shopping trip. 

Who knows, you may even learn something about looking suave… 

You can even get this Father’s Day trip started with style, by gifting your father a super cool Vetelli toiletry bag. It is sleek, stylish and puts a premium on convenience.  

Here's a warning though: once you give him this, you'll never get away with gifting socks again. Of course, we are joking, but this really is a top-notch gift and is available on Amazon.com


Father who is a sports fan  

Why not bond over your favorite sports team?  

Experts reckon that sport is as popular as it is because of the shared experience of emotion that fans have at the major events, so why not share that emotion with your father?  

Or alternatively, you could bring your dad for a game of golf, or to play whatever his chosen sport is… providing it’s not boxing – you don’t want to be duelling with your ol’ man on Father’s Day! 

For the sports enthusiast, there is no shortage of great gifts you can buy, but our favorite is the FILA Mindblower sneaker; it will give your dad a blast of nostalgia and it’s also a practical sports gift that is priced under $100. 

All that’s left to do is challenge him to a game on the court! 


The wine loving pop 

The summer has arrived and so has the perfect weather for outdoor picnics. One of the biggest issues for folks who want to drink champagne or white wine alfresco is ‘how do we carry it and keep it cool?’  

If you intend on spending Father’s Day enjoying some outdoor vino then don’t worry, cause we have the perfect problem-solving gift for that issue. It’s the Vetelli Wine Tote Bag. It’s both practical and stylish and will keep two wine bottles chilled, due to its customizable insulated compartment. 

Did we mention that it’s only $39.99 on Amazon at the moment and it is made with vegan leather?  

Amazing, eh?


The ‘no, I’ll pay’ father 

Of course, not every father will be the type who will want to spend Father’s Day in the outdoors.  

There are a few who would prefer a nice, classy restaurant and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  

Going for a delicious meal is a classic way to spend Father’s Day and for good reason; it suits everyone. When it comes to paying for that big meal, we find that many dads don’t allow their children to put their hand into their own wallets. 

Thus, if he is going to pay for it, why not make sure he is taking his credit card out of a luxurious accessory.  

A Billy Reid card case for less than $75 is the perfect option for that.  


The man who loves music

Of course, the best option for a father who loves music is to accompany him to a gig of his choice.  

That being said, we know that not everyone wants to go watch their father’s favorite musician… after all, Bryan Adams isn’t for all of us.  

However, there is an alternative. Why not get him a pair of outdoor speakers, so he can enjoy his favorite artist from the comfort of his own back garden and you… well, you can go inside and relax.  

A pair from Innovative Technology are a good option and they also look pretty cool.  


For the clean freak dad


If your dad’s idea of fun is to go on a major cleaning spree, then don’t worry, we even have an option for you. Why not offer to join him on that cleaning spree and surprise him with a super-cool piece of technology that the pair of you can experience together?  

For instance, you could get him this phone sanitizer that banishes all bacteria and you can then both chill out together and watch the owners of the company’s appearance on ABC’s shark tank.  

Does that sound good? 

Actually, we will rephrase that; does that sound better than helping him clean the entire house?  

We thought it might do…  

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