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by Aidan Booth December 14, 2018 4 min read

Some people say it's impossible to look sharp while on a business trip. While it's certainly not easy to look and feel your best on these taxing voyages, it's certainly not impossible. There are many tried-and-true methods frequent flyers use to keep their cool on long-haul flights. Below, we'll go over six business travel tips to help you perform at the top of your game. 

1. More Water, Please

Yes, you've probably heard it a thousand times before…but here's time 1,001: drink plenty of water. There's a good reason this tip is number one on our list. Without water, there's no life; and one of the drawbacks of modern air travel is that it's very dehydrating. Believe it or not, 75 percent of Americans are already chronically dehydrated. Add air travel on top of an already dehydrated body, and you're just asking for disaster. 

Drinking plenty of water won't only improve your mental clarity, it will keep your skin well hydrated and, thus, clean. If you don't like boring old water, no worries! Consider packing a few hydrating herbal teas like chamomile, peppermint, or ginger in your pocket. You could also drink unsweetened seltzer water or eat more hydrating snacks like carrots & celery or fresh fruit mixes. 

2. Spill-Proof Toiletries In A DOPP Kit

Few things are more frustrating than opening your luggage to discover shampoo and conditioner splattered all over your finest clothes. Thankfully, there's one easy way to prevent this catastrophe and that is to invest in a  Quality Dopp Kit.
Not only will a high-quality toiletry bag look stylish, but it will also help you expertly organize your travel essentials. Since there's only a limited amount of space in a DOPP bag, you'll be forced to choose the grooming items you really need. Vetelli DOPP bags have all been designed to handle the rigors of 21st-century air travel and we guarantee that they will never let you down 

You won't have to worry about your creams & lotions falling out of place so long as they're organized in a DOPP bag.


vetelli toiletry bags

3. Meal Hacks For Air Travel

Airplane food is often synonymous with bad food. There are, however, a few simple ways you could improve your airplane dining experience. 

The first tip is to book a flight on an airline that's noted for its cuisine. A few of the top rated airlines in this category include Singapore Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Virgin America. No matter what airline you're on, however, it's usually a safer bet to go with the vegetarian options. 

If you don't trust the food quality on your plane, then you could always pack your own power snacks in plastic bags. Great food ideas for your in-flight dinner include protein bars, dried fruits, hummus & chips, and wraps. 

Lastly, try to eat your food at the time you want to dine in your host nation. This will help your body naturally adjust to the shift in time zones. 

4. Small Items; Big Difference

Bigger is usually never better when it comes to air travel. Indeed, portable items can make all the difference in the world during air travel. 

One thing all travelers should have on hand is a packet of wipes. To avoid picking up bad bacteria on your travels, wipe down areas notorious for harboring microbes such as the in-flight meal table, seatbelt, overhead buttons, and all touchscreens. You could also use a few wipes on your face to help you relax and look fresh. 

Some other tiny tools to add to your fresh-feeling arsenal include breath fresheners, dry shampoo, and eye drops. 

5. Get A Good Night's Sleep

High-quality sleep is nature's greatest stress-buster. Obviously, getting into a deep REM cycle is a formidable task with the engines of an airplane blaring in your ears. There are, however, a few tips even the lightest of sleepers could use to increase the odds of entering dreamland. 

Obviously, where you're sitting makes a huge difference in how you experience your flight. For those who prioritize a smooth ride, opt for a seat by the wings. If you want a quiet ride, however, try to get a seat in the back far from the plane's engine. Whatever place you choose, it's a good idea to sit by the window so you won't have anyone interrupt you to get into the aisle. 

You should consider packing a comfy eye-mask to help you fall asleep while on your plane ride. Noise-canceling headphones are also a great way to cut contact with the outside world. 

It's also a good idea to schedule a vigorous exercise session the day before your flight. Long jogs or bike rides have been shown to naturally release endorphins in our brains (aka the "runner's high"). Releasing all those feel-good chemicals before your flight will help your relax through all the stresses of air travel. Also, your extra-tired body will more naturally fall asleep once you're seated in your plane. 

6. Arrive Early & Unpack

Successful businesspeople have a saying, "early is on time; on time is late; late means you're fired." It's a great idea to schedule your flight so you arrive at your hotel room well before your scheduled meetings. This extra time will allow you to properly unwind and unpack. 

And, yes, you really should unpack. While it might seem more convenient to live out of your suitcase, your clothes will get more wrinkled the longer they stay in your luggage. 

Arrange all of your clothes for each day of the week so you'll have no difficulties dressing in the morning. You should also put your suit on a hanger in your bathroom. The steam from a hot shower will help get rid of stubborn wrinkles. 

No More Strain On Business Trips

Although business trips allow you to see exciting destinations around the world, there are obvious drawbacks in the stress department. Hopefully these tips will help you feel more at ease wherever your flights take you. By following these simple strategies, you'll be better able to succeed at your job…and perhaps actually enjoy your next next business trip.
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