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New Style/Size Vetelli Tie Bar / Tie Clip for Men - Black, Silver, Metal, Gold

The Vetelli tie bar set includes 4 stunning designs:

- Brushed sliver tie clip with grey squares
- Brushed silver tie clip with 3 inlaid crystals
- Brushed gold tie clip with silver squares
- Black tie clip (matte finish) with grey squares

Premium Grade Materials (100% Nickel-Free. 100% Lead-Free).

All Vetelli products are manufactured using only the best and safest materials available. As such, the mens tie clip selection are 100% free of nickel and lead.

Superior Strength & Performance

Unlike most tie bar designs, Vetelli's premium line are NOT spring-loaded, but instead rely on brushed stainless steel (improved toughness & no chance of spring degradation) to provide unbeatable straight-sitting performance, meaning your tie clip will stay in place all day long.

The Ideal 'Skinny Tie Clip

Modern ties are more slender than traditional ties, and therefore require a skinny tie bar as opposed to longer and wider tie bars.
Vetelli tie clips measure 5cm x 7mm (L x W), in inches 2" x .27". This is the perfect size as a skinny tie clip and also gives enough coverage to be used on traditional sized ties.

Designed To Impress

Presented in a high-quality soft fabric pouch, the Vetelli mens tie clip set makes the perfect gift for anyone who wears a tie.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty

Vetelli tie clips are backed up by a 100% lifetime guarantee.
Every Vetelli tie clip is scrutinized by USA based Quality Assurance team. We're so confident that you'll love our tie clips, that we offer a no-hassle guarantee and lifetime warranty.

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