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The Leo

A beautifully crafted and oversize Dopp bag. I initially bought this for our son but liked it so much I kept it and order another one for him. I love to travel and I look forward to using this on our first cruise next month along with our two son each of whom also received new Dopp bags. Very spacious with classic traditional looks. Glad I treated myself to this bag which I will likely have until the day I leave this earth. A beautiful and practical keepsake.

The Classic

I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend who basically lives out of his travel bag. His old one was of a canvas material, and I thought he deserved a full-on upgrade. Seems like a practical gift, but it's actually such a nice quality that it feels like a luxury gift. He was very excited when he opened up his gift.

The leather of this bag is nice, I can see how over time it will become nice and supple. I like the fact that the bag has a separate compartment below the main opening where you could keep your combs, a brush, tweezers, and shaver. There are little mesh pockets in the bottom compartment to help keep everything from just freely flying around..

I would highly recommend this as a gift for the special man in your life!

The Hanging

I bought this as a gift for my husband, and he loves it! His first remark was, "Wow, you shouldn't have spent so much money! This is awesome!" What he doesn't know is I didn't spend that much! He commented on the leather accents and the quality of it more than once. He is excited to use it for our text trip. He's one of those guys who stuffs everything in a backpack and uses a Ziploc bag for toiletries, so he loves that he'll look like a gentleman. This makes it easy for him to access all his products quickly instead of digging around every time. He also likes the hanging feature that makes it easy to set up in hotel rooms or even in a tent when camping. What's great about having this is, he can put all his travel size toiletries in it ahead of time and leave them in there so that he can just grab it and go every time he goes somewhere. I am patting myself on the back for a great gift idea. Your man, or you, will loves this classy travel bag!
~M H

The Gio

I have the Gio and the Leo. They are great and just what I was looking for! When I travel to Kenya I put the larger bag, the Leo, in my checked luggage and the smaller bag, the Gio, will go in my back pack. It is a very good idea to have extra clothes and toiletries when you travel international. If your luggage is lost and you are in the bush of Africa you can't just go to the local store to buy things!
-Jeff K

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Silicone Travel Bottles Set

Silicone Travel Bottles Set

A set of 3 travel bottles perfect for the frequent traveler. Vetelli Silicone Bottles are perfect for business trips, camping trips, but also for gym showers. Details: Travel size bottles,
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